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“I feel a lot of satisfaction when I’ve finished a job.”

Barry Sapwell
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2 Moon Street,
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After flying a desk as a manager, I wanted to do something with my hands. So I trained to be a plumber, and while I was training I couldn’t figure out why the front room was so cold on my feet. I had the fire burning but my feet were cold. So I did the research, looked into floor insulation.

There’s six and a half million houses like mine, that just have floorboards. Carpet doesn’t insulate; it reduces the drafts, but it goes cold. All those houses, if you have your floor insulated, you could save up to about 25% on your heating bill. And if you live in your house for a year or two afterwards, you get the money back. It’s like a savings scheme really!

But I found there were not many companies doing this kind of floor insulation and those that were doing it were very expensive. So I set up my own business.

When I started doing it, my main challenge was how to lift a floorboard without damaging it. I can do that quite comfortably now. I’ve insulated floors in Grade II listed buildings. A lot of my customers say that they don’t know I’ve been.

I work all over the country. I had a customer in a lovely part of north London. I insulated the floor and by the time I got home, there was an email waiting to tell me that their house was already warm. It makes an instant difference.

People have different reasons for having their floors insulated. Some people, because they’ve got cold feet; some don’t like the drafts; some people want the financial saving on their bills; some because of the impact on the environment. And some people because of all the reasons.

But all my customers are great. I’ve had so much positive feedback… it’s on the Trading Standards website. They’re all good! I got five gold stars out of five.

And I love working with my hands. It’s great. I feel a lot of satisfaction when I’ve finished a job. It’s good; it’s a nice feeling. You don’t get that if you’re in an office.