Ferrari Fashion

“All the dresses are really lovely. You feel so special wearing these clothes.”

Mrs Khan
T: 01908 310785 

44 Church Street, Wolverton,
Milton Keynes, MK12 5JW

Wolverton is really beautiful. It’s an old town, but it’s full of life. We moved to Wolverton in 1988. When we first moved here, there was one butchers shop and the Agora, the market. That was the main place in Wolverton. There were two or three hundred workers coming out of the gate of the works, at lunchtime they’d go by.

And those people came, and we had a lot who walked in talking and chatting in my shop. And I had just the fabrics at that time. A whole shop full of fabrics.

Now I sell clothes and some fabrics. I’ve got all sorts of fabric at the back. People buy them for skating and dance costumes. Or silk for wedding dresses. Teachers buy the fabric for their Christmas performances. I’ve got so many customers like that.

The clothes come from India. Some from Pakistan and they’re really nice – The embroidery is mostly hand done. Some are for weddings, and parties, and all the dresses are really lovely. You feel so special wearing these clothes. I used to wear them but I’m too old now! My granddaughters wear them. On special days they come and choose an outfit.

I have Indian and English people, a lot of them coming round. I sell shoes, hats, and jewellery. Accessories in every colour, if it’s not a whole set, I’ve got earrings, or bangles. Everything is so beautiful.

We do saris too. I sell all types. Wedding outfits and parties, mostly. We do children’s outfits and men’s outfits – we do the turban as well. I’ve even got some flat shoes – children’s, adults and men’s shoes – the ones they call genii shoes, with the curly toes. They’re all leather, hand made.

I also sell belly dancer costumes. I have quite a lot of belly dancers come in. I’ve got the belts as well, the big belt for belly dancing. All hand-made by a lady in morocco.

I have so many people come and say they need something because they’re going to a wedding. And even the husbands want to wear some Indian clothes. And Bollywood parties – every year before the Christmas parties they come and buy things! So many people want these.

Some people, when they’re going to weddings, they come here and get ready. I put the sari on for them, and the jewellery, all matching, and they just go off to the wedding.

Sometimes there are six, seven people, who come together, and they all get ready, and they’re so happy! The English ladies, they can’t do the saris so I’ve got a lady who does the pleat for them, she stitches it. And they just put it on like a skirt then.

Everyone who comes, they appreciate it. Because when they come I teach them to wear the sari. They say, oh it’s very hard, they’re falling… I say no, they won’t fall when I make it! Never going to fall. I show them whatever I can. Sometimes, because they haven’t worn them before, they put the trousers on back to front! And they say, oh they’re too short. And I say, they’re not short, Let me see, take it off…

Anybody who comes, they get a fitting done. When they come here, they tell me what they want and I can have any alterations done. It only takes a couple of days to do it. We might put sleeves on, or if somebody doesn’t like sleeves then we take off the sleeves… you know, whatever, we do the fitting.

My son said, Mum you should retire now, don’t do any more. I said, no, not yet. I’m going to get bored because I like doing something, I don’t like to sit down. It keeps me going, otherwise I get bored.

It’s like everything, it’s really funny. I don’t mind what I’ve got. Just that people come in and we’re talking. My day goes faster!