Avenues Estate Agents

“We always try to just go further. It’s all about good service.”

Shahab / Sanj
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42 Stratford Road, Wolverton,
Milton Keynes, MK12 5LW

We opened our doors on 1st August 2001. This was exactly 18 years ago. It was quite tough, starting from standing still, no instructions, nothing really. So it was a completely cold start.

We had to do long hours, seven days a week, late nights. We took very little time off. We worked extra hard, and we managed to find our own place. We started getting a bit more established. And since then we haven’t looked back.

We’re independent, we’re experienced, and we’re knowledgeable. We’re here to help buyers and sellers alike. And all of us do the same thing for everyone from start to finish. I think people take comfort from that. It’s a more personal service, a better service. We’ve gone over and beyond what people expect.

You build relationships with past and present clients, and it really is lovely. You feel as though you are valued, in many ways, although we still are estate agents! But we always try to just go further. It’s all about good service. All our old clients recommend us, which is really great. It gives us a lot of pride that people come to us and say ‘I’ve been recommended to you’.

And many of our buyers are first time buyers. Which is really nice. You see people buying their first home, how excited they get, you share with them. And it’s just really an exciting time, you know. And a few years down the line they have children, they have families, they still wave to us. You feel as though you’ve done something right. The reward is there, really.

There’s a lot of variety within Milton Keynes, but Wolverton is very specific. I grew up here. I’ve been to houses where my school friends’ parents still live. The people that come through our doors are looking for these character properties, whether they are Victorian or 1930s. You get character, you get size. They’re solid houses – they’ve been up for a hundred and twenty years, they’re not going to fall down tomorrow.

Wolverton is very convenient for local services as well. You don’t need a car; the bus service is good; the train station is great. New health centre, new leisure centre… the facilities here are really good.

And with all the local events that happen as well. It’s a lovely community. It’s very cosmopolitan, you’ve got different walks of people all living in harmony and a real buzz about things, and these community events show it. We’re very proud to be here.

We give as much as we can to the community; get involved as much as we can. People have come to us and asked if we can help. And when we can, we do. We like to. We did the lantern festival and now we’re starting sponsoring a local girls’ football team. And we’ve sponsored the Wolverton Tigermoths YFC for a number of years. That’s our way of being part of the community.

With this job, the long hours we do, the length of time we’ve done it, if our hearts weren’t in it, we couldn’t do it. You’ve got to love it, to be able to get up in the morning. And we still do – all of us still do get a buzz out of it. We love working in Wolverton and dealing with the community here, and we get a lot of support from the local community. We’re happy doing what we do.